Ochakovo to invest $75m in new branch construction in Belgorod

Ochakovo, a Moscow beer factory, is launching the construction of its branch in Belgorod. According to the company's press service, the new Ochakovo branch will include two production lines: a malt-house and a beer and soft drink factory. The new branch's construction is scheduled to be completed in 2004. The malt-house's capacity is estimated to be 100,000 tons of malt a year, while the annual output of the factory will be 12m decaliters of beer and 2.5m decaliters of soft drinks a year. The Ochakovo branch will also have a polymer production line and a non-standard equipment workshop for all transport facilities of the company.

The investments into the project will be $75m, of which $30m will be invested into the construction of the malt-house and $45m - into the construction of the beer and soft drink plant. The investments into the malt-house are expected to pay off in five years, while the beer plant should start to turn in profit in 2.5 years. The company will finance the construction using both its own funds and credits. The company's Belgorod branch will be built using facilities of Belplast, a former defense company, by partially readjusting the defense factory's equipment for beer production. The construction of the malt-house and the beer plant will take place simultaneously.


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