The strong in spirit and body

George Bush’s health is OK

Americans can be proud of their President health. George Bush belongs to that happy persons who in this age (George Bush is 56) have no breathlessness, stenocardia, or even worse things.

The President health is always in the limelight of the press. Journalists are first of all interested not in the state leader’s capability to execute his duty, but with what he is ill at the moment. So, if George Bush has running nose, Americans will learn about it earlier than his wife.

Actually, the American President had never had serious troubles with his health, except but the case with pretzel or some small operations, like ablating polypus from large intenstine. Though, that are small items. However, mass media almost a week spoke about the case with pretzel, but mainly from philosophical view: about the role of a chance in history.

If George Bush could be proud of his sport style, most of his compatriots cannot. The President started to propagandize a good mean against overweight – jog-trot, while demonstrating it with his own example. Though, who knows, how many Americans followed their President’s example.

In general, the US President is healthy, sprightly, merry, and ready to new feats for the welfare of the nation. However, he will start perform feats only in a month, after returning from holidays. Though, it is probably to the better…

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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