President Putin pays tribute to russian border guards for liquidating terrorists from Georgia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked all the participants in the operation to liquidate a large terrorist gang which intruded Russia from Georgia. At his traditional Kremlin conference with the cabinet, the Russian head of state thanked the heads of all power structures, in particular the Federal Frontier Service, the Defence Ministry, the Federal Security Service /FSB/, the soldiers and officers who had made harmonised efforts to virtually liquidate a large terrorist gang, trying to break into Russia from neighbouring Georgia.

Vladimir Putin extended condolences to the families of the fallen servicemen. "All the victims must soon be provided with effective support of the state," said the president.

On July 27th a terrorist gang of 60 bandits intruded into Russia's territory from Georgia. Federals conducted an operation, leaving about 40 bandits dead and detaining a few of them.

Russia's deathtoll included 8 people /border guards, including two officers/, and 5 federals were wounded.