Clyde Petroleum Begins Dutch Production At Q4-B

Clyde Petroleum has begun production from the Q4-B natural gas field. This is the second phase of the Q4 block development, offshore The Netherlands. For Clyde, it is the fourth new field brought on stream during the last 18 months.

Production started ahead of schedule on July 7 from the Q4-B1 development well. The well tested at a rate of 37.4 million standard cubic feet of gas a day, at a wellhead pressure of 1,984 psia from an interval in the Triassic. Another shallower natural gas-bearing reservoir with good production potential has not yet been perforated.

The Q4-B field was discovered in June 1998 by the Q4-8 well, followed by a second discovery made in August 1999 by the Q4-9 well on the neighboring Q4-A field.

The Q4-A field was brought into production late 2000. The Q4-B field has been developed with the reuse of an existing Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP), which was successfully relocated from one of Clyde's depleted fields to its new location, reducing the development time and costs. The natural gas is processed through Clyde's P6-A facilities via the Q4-A platform, and a new four and a half mile pipeline has been installed between the Q4-B and Q4-A platforms.

Clyde Petroleum, as operator, holds a 27.31 percent interest in partnership with CLAM Petroleum B.V. (17.11 percent), Dyas B.V. (9.39 percent), Goal Olie-en Gasexploratie B.V. (3.44 percent) and Energie Beheer Nederland B.V. (42.75 percent).


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