Russian Foreign Minister: The West wants a 'little war' in Ukraine

The West wants to orchestrate 'little war' in Ukraine to destroy Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Western countries want to arrange a "little war" in Ukraine and blame Moscow for it. Having orchestrated a war in Ukraine, they will hold Russia accountable for it to subsequently deprive the country of its competitive opportunities, the minister said on the air of Soloviev Live YouTube channel.

"It is outrageous to propagate the position that the West and NATO now take. They are encouraged by the Balts, the Poles and the Ukrainians, it is absolutely obvious … They supply arms to Ukraine, while boasting that since 2014 they have supplied ammunition and attack systems totalling 2.5 billion dollars,” Sergei Lavrov said.

Everyone who violates the Minsk armistice agreements in Donbass should blame themselves, he added.

Unprecedented sanctions against Russia unreal

According to Lavrov, the scenario, in which Western countries impose unprecedented sanctions against Russia, looks unreal.

"I am convinced that even if this unreal for me scenario materializes to one degree or another — I am not 100% sure it will materialize — I dare to assure you that we will find an answer,” Lavrov said….

According to him, Russia will not become a besieged fortress.

"I am absolutely sure that this is not part of the plans of the Russian administration. President Vladimir Putin constantly translates, including in his recent speeches, his commitment to expanding opportunities for the free development of the society, for democratic principles," the Russian Foreign Minister said.

Russia being part of NATO impossible

Sergei Lavrov also said that Russia's accession to NATO was impossible because the West did not want to have rivals comparable in influence in the international arena.

Answering a question of whether Russia's incorporation into NATO was possible on certain conditions, in particular on an equal and partner basis, the Foreign Minister noted that he did not see such an opportunity.

"I don't see such a situation, because the whole process does not revolve around NATO or the European Union, it revolves around the fact that the West does not want to have any rivals in the international arena that would be comparable in influence,” Lavrov explained.

In addition, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stressed that he had serious doubts about NATO's intention not to ignore Russia's requirements for NATO's non-expansion to the east.

Western countries admit that sanctions against Russia could be tightened considerably in the event of military aggression against Ukraine. Moscow denied accusations of such intent.

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