Even sticks fires in skilful hands

Israel's plan supposes that relatives of suicide bombers will be held responsible for the terrorists' acts
The Palestinian radical group Hamas announced today, as quoted by Europa Press, that it would kill 100 Israelis for every Hamas leader killed by an Israeli servicemen. An official statement circulated by Hamas read that "for each assassination of a Hamas leaders, we will kill at least 100 Zionists.”

The World Tribune reports today, that Hamas will use chemical weapons to carry out its plans.

The newspaper informs with reference to US servicemen that Islamic terrorists are conducting experiments with toxic agents and explosive substances to use them to further expand into the territories targeted for terrorist attacks. Marshall Billingsley of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says that Hamas' activities reflect the great interest of Islamic groups in bacteriological and chemical weapons.

Hamas uses the wide application substances for its experiments that are available. Pentagon spokesmen say that equipment for chemical and bacteriological ammunition production is very compact enough and can even be installed in small rooms. In addition, ammunition can be also made of anything available, of cylinders filled with pesticides, for example.

Israel is getting ready for retribution against Palestinian territories. This is planned as revenge for yesterday’s act of terrorism on the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem, when seven people, including three Americans, were killed. George W. Bush flew into a rage when he learnt about the Americans killed in Jerusalem, and immediately gave his blessing to Israel to use military action. He demanded that the PA should do away with “those who fail to fulfill their duties” and also called the people responsible for the explosion “assassins who hate the very idea of peace.” Israelis, even before the blessing from the USA, started implementing their new plan for the anti-terrorist struggle. The plan supposes that relatives of suicide terrorists will be held responsible for the terrorists' acts. On the night of August 1, the Israeli army destroyed a house belonging to the family of Madged Atta, who had committed a suicide bombing in Jerusalem on July 30. Over ten days ago, a similar measure was applied the families of two more suicide terrorists. According to the Defense Ministry, houses belonging to families of suicide terrorists will continue to be destroyed. Moreover, if a connection with the families to the recruiting of terrorist organizations is established, they will be exiled either to the Gaza Strip or to other country. Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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