Jerusalem: 77 victims in terrorist attack on Hebrew University

Seven people were killed and at least seventy injured in a van bomb attack on the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, one of the main points of contact between the Israeli and Arab communities. The militant wing of Hamas has claimed responsibility in retaliation for last week’s attack which claimed the life of Sheikh Shehada and 14 others, ten of whom were children, last Tuesday.

Izzadin Al-Kasem, the militant wing of Hamas, has made it clear that today’s attack is only the beginning of a wave of suicide attacks and bombings which they claim will bring blood to every street of Israel. The Israeli authorities claim that since Shehada was planning dozens of bombing attacks, he was a legitimate target. However, the sending of F-16 strike aircraft into a densely populated residential area of Gaza for a strike under cover of darkness, was deemed as reckless, at least, by the international community.

Hamas spokesperson Abdelaziz al-Rantisi claimed today that the attack on the Hebrew University is “only a part” of what is to come. The attack victimised students of various nationalities. Apart from Israelis, there were Americans, Koreans, Japanese and French students hurt or killed, since many were on an international summer camp.

Hamas has called today’s terrorist bombing a “heroic act” and claims that it was perpetrated “to defend our land, people and the honour of the Arabs and Moslem nations”.

The message went on to state that “There will be no more security while the occupation continues”.


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Author`s name: Editorial Team