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Consequences of typhoon being eliminated in Kamchatka

The broken power and communication lines have been restored in full in Kamchatka (a peninsula in the Sea of Okhotsk) after the Lozhbina typhoon hit the area on November 11th-12th. The work to repair the washed out pipelines is under way.

The administration of the Kamchatka Region reported that the destroyed section of the road to the Seroglazka settlement was among the high-priority facilities restoration of which requires additional investments. Precisely this road is used by the heavy-duty tank trucks which carry fuel from the storages of the Kamchatkanefteprodukt company to the airport. A disrupted schedule of the delivery of fuel can deprive Kamchatka of regular air communication with the "big land".

The typhoon did not cause serious destruction that could upset the operation of the vitally important facilities. But the repair of the torn-away roofs, flooded housing and economic premises, and the restoration of the destroyed supply lines will require at least 240 million roubles in investment. Experts of the regional emergency situations centre are specifying the sum total of the damage and are planning repair-rehabilitation works.