Sakhalin-2 supervisory board to meet in London

A meeting of the supervisory board of the Sakhalin-2 project is to take place in London, head of the PR department of Shell Russia Maxim Shub reported to RBC. It is planned to discuss the 2003 budget of the Sakhalin Energy consortium within the implementation of the Sakhalin-2 project, as well as major parameters and the starting date of the implementation of the Sakhalin-2 second stage.

As it was previously reported, the beginning of the second stage of the project was planned for the middle of 2002; however, no specific date was announced. Additionally, the cost of the second stage has not been adopted so far. The Russian party in the Sakhalin-2 supervisory board includes representatives of the Russian Economy Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Energy Ministry, as well as Sakhalin regional governor Igor Farkhutdinov. Foreign investors are representatives of shareholders and representatives of the Sakhalin Energy consortium.