Navalny arrested, urges Russians to take to the streets

Alexey Navalny urges Russians to take to the streets

Alexey Navalny released a video message, in which he urged his supporters to take to the streets.  The appeal was posted on Navalny Live YouTube channel immediately after the court arrested the politician for 30 days.

"What is this toad sitting on the pipe afraid of? What are these bunker thieves afraid of most? You know it very well. Theу are afraid of people taking to the streets. This is the thing, the political factor that cannot be ignored. This is the most important fact, the essence of politics. Therefore, do not be afraid - take to the streets. Don't do it for me - do it for yourself, for your future." Navalny said in his address.

Leonid Volkov, the head of Navalny's network of regional headquarters, said that they "immediately begin preparations for massive rallies across the country on January 23rd."

Alexey Navalny was arrested for 30 days. This decision was made by the Khimki City Court at an offsite session held at the premises of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the town of Khimki. Navalny will be staying in jail the trial to replace his suspended sentence on the Yves Rocher case with a real one takes place.

"The Khimki court ruled that Navalny would be staying under arrest until February 15," his lawyer Vadim Kobzev said.

The court decision was made during the offsite meeting due to the absence of Navalny's test for COVID-19.

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