Kosovo: land of the living is back online

PRAVDA.Ru asked Kosovo.com to comment on the situation with the site

After more than two weeks of inactivity the KOSOVO: LAND OF THE LIVING PAST website can be accessed once again. Due to technical problems, the website is now operating on another server under the domain &to=http://www.kosovo.com' target=_blank>http://www.kosovo.com. The former KOSOVO.COM website is also accessible but is now at &to=http://www.kosovo.com/sk/default.htm' target=_blank>http://www.kosovo.com/sk/default.htm. We hope to continue regularly providing information about Kosovo and Metohija, where ethnic discrimination by Kosovo Albanians of Serbs and other non-Albanian communities still continues under the international UN protectorate. With each passing day, Kosovo is becoming less and less multi-ethnic. Despite the fact that there are over 30,000 well-equipped troops under NATO command in the area, the return of expelled Serbs has been marginal at best, while organized crime, the white slave trade, and the drug trade are flourishing throughout the province.

Since NATO intervention, Kosovo and Metohija has increasingly become the most serious regional threat to peace and stability in southeast Europe. In spite of the presence of NATO forces, Albanian extremists are destabilizing the security situation in south Serbia and Macedonia daily and threatening to create an ethnically pure Albanian state under the guise of democracy and with the tolerance of the "international community."

The KOSOVO - LAND OF THE LIVING PAST website represents the voice of the truth that cannot be heard in the mainstream Western media, which provides mainly polished and filtered reports by international representatives from Kosovo and Metohija who are thus trying to rationalize one of the greatest political and military failures of the Western alliance in Europe.

Editors of Kosovo.com

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