Russian Miss Universe fired for getting knocked up

She did not fulfil her duties, she got married, and now she is having a baby. What's the big deal?

Oxana Fedorova is no longer Miss Universe. Actually, this is not sad news. Someone could make a movie called “The Russian Character of aCop.”

Oxana’s first steps as Miss Universe were not very successful. The Russian girl was used to promote the contest itself, while her honor and dignity were stolen. Everybody remembers the scandalous talk show where Oxana was not allowed to show any indignation at all. However, there were many reasons to show such indignation. The host of the show asked her about her attitude towards oral sex and about her memories of how she lost her innocence.

Oxana’s pseudo-humanitarian voyages across countries of the third world were not honorable either to her or to Russia. She fought against AIDS and broght awareness to the issue of homeless children. Those were really pompous goals.

The girl finally exercised her character. Now she despises the terms of the contest, and now she is pregnant.

The notification on the withdrawal of the title was sent by mail. It was said there that Oxana’s unwillingness to fulfill a beauty’s duties had already resulted in considerable financial damage to the pageant. The organizers of the Miss Universe pageant believe that Oxana secretly married and that now she is pregnant. This is a serious violation of the agreement that was concluded with her. Spokesmen for the pageant claim that Oxana gained seven kilos in weight, so they now think that she is pregnant.

What does it mean for a Russian girl that the pageant was suffering losses? Oxana has already been acknowledged the most beautiful girl in the world, so now what? The pageant representatives are acting very childish.

Since Oxana turned out to be an obstinate girl, she lost some of her beauty. Oxana’s runner-up, Miss Panama, Justine Pasek, 22, has been pronounced the most beautiful girl in the world. These formalities are not really of interest to anyone. All the same, Oxana remains Miss Universe.

Elena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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