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Russia shows top secret X-101 cruise missile

Russia shows top secret X-101 cruise missile. 63039.jpeg

Russia's Defence Ministry uploaded on the net several videos of the drills of strategic nuclear forces.

One of the videos shows the installation of the X-101 missile on the external suspension of the Tu-95MS strategic bomber, as well as in the inner compartment of the Tu-160.

One X-101 cruise missile weighs 2,500 kilos, of which the warhead weighs 400 kilos. The length of the missile is about 8 meters; it can develop the speed about 1,000 kilometers per hour. The expected error of the X-101 target impact is accounts for tens of meters.

It was said that the Tu-95 is capable of carrying eight X-101 missiles on the external suspension, while the Tu-160 can carry 12 missiles housed in the internal compartment. This cruise missile became known for its use during operations of the Russian Air Force in Syria.