Problem of Russia's smoking aircraft carrier solved

The modernisation of the combustion system, the injector part and power management will solve the problem of "black smoke" that was coming out from the pipes of Russia's only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, scientific director of the Krylov State Research Center, Valery Polovinkin said.

"We know, figuratively speaking, the weak points of this ship and will offer solutions for their modernisation. First of all, it goes about energy. We are revising problems related to ecology as well," the official said.

"As for the asbestos that the ship's boilers are lined with, there is a way out too. There are internationally used eco-friendly polymer materials that are resistant to high temperatures," Polovinkin said.

The official believes that Russia needs at least four aircraft carriers (two for the Northern and two for the Pacific fleet). Polovinkin believes that such ships should have the displacement of up to 100 thousand tons, as well as an atomic power plant and an electromagnetic catapult. The construction of small aircraft carriers is a dead-locked situation, the official said.

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