Antarctica: Where the Ice Flows in Reverse

Scientists have discovered a hitherto unheard of phenomenon, that of a glacier flowing back on itself, reversing the direction it had been following in the last 250 years.

The scientists, from the University of Washington, the University of Colorado and the Technological Institute of California consider that the ice flow is caused by climate change over the last two and a half centuries, which would appear to be the case, given that the polar ice caps have reduced in volume, according to scientific registers.

The flow in reverse movement is called “Ice Stream C-0”, which had been a tributary of a greater flow called “Ice Stream C”. Ice Stream C-0 stopped flowing, gaining volume as its tributaries flowed into it, and reversed its course.

The scientists stated that the polar ice cap has reduced substantially in the last 7.5 thousand years and consider that if the current trend persists, it will disappear completely in the next 7,000 years, leading to a rise in ocean levels of five to seven metres, which would spell disaster for low-lying cities and islands whose relief is near to sea level.


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