Who orchestrated annihilation of Russian Ambassador in Ankara

On 19 of December a Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was killed in Ankara. A terrorist entered the building where an exhibition was held in a suit with a tie and was taken for a guard. As a result of a police operation, the attacker was annihilated.

The attacker was crying, 'Revenge for Aleppo, do not forget Syria!', the Haaretz reprted.

As it became known later, it was a 22 y.o. ex-police officer. He was resigned after the coup d'etat in July 2016.

Aleksey Novotochinov, Doctor of Social Science, Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, commented Pravda.Ru on the tragedy in Ankara.

I believe it's an absolutely tough provocation, which was orchestrated namely by the brigade, including the Americans, that desperately try to stick a stone of discord in relations between the alliance Turkey-Iran-Russia given settlement of the Syrian task before the very end of paranoid schizophrenic model of Obama and Clinton. Syria and the whole region need peace. That is first.

Second, I'm happy that today talks of the ministers of defence and foreign affairs are not cancelled. Despite all the negative expectations the meeting will take place. Investigation of the killing will be carried out and it encourages everyone to consider vulnerability of international situation yet again at the expense of blood of our Russian diplomat.

The third moment. I'm absolutely sure that it will shatter the whole diplomatic community. As everyone can see how the Americans reacted - they promptly closed all of their diplomatic missions. They may have made it up. As there is no other way on how to disrupt the negotiating process.

And the last one. I am sure that the mixed format of defence and foreign ministers is the Russian initiative. The process of killing Andrey Karlov, a senior official (he is followed only by a foreign minister and president), should have most serious consequences.

I regret that in due time when Mikhail Titarenko, our Ambassador in Doha, Qatar, was beaten, everything was left in the shadow. That is, the principle an eye for an eye did not work out, or everything went away very quietly. However, our Ambassador was severely injured, as far as I know. He was not a private person, it was an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

I would like to hope and believe that all this criminal bacchanalia will be revealed and those guilty will be punished, regardless of their posts. But the fate of Aleppo depends now not only on some regional collisions, but Russia's behaviour first of all.


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