Moscow, Tbilisi to step up anti-terrorist interaction

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has linked the statement on Russian-Georgian relations he made on September 11 to the need to implement the bilateral understandings he and the Georgian leader reached at their Chisinau meeting on October 6.

When addressing a news conference in Chisinau on Monday, the Russian president said: "The statement [of September 11] will not be put into life should yesterday's agreements between Eduard Shevardnadze and me be implemented, something I hope very much for." President Putin believes that nothing hinders implementation of the above agreements.

Holding a conference with those in charge of Russian security agencies in Sochi, resort city on the Black Sea, on September 11, President Putin instructed the General Staff to prepare proposals as to the possibility and advisability of dealing strikes on terrorist bases while pursuing the terrorists should they undertake to trespass the Russian border again. The president instructed the Defence Minister, the Federal Security Service and Federal Frontier Service chiefs to work out measures to reinforce the national border and submit proposals on "special operations to aim to eradicate militant groupings in case they make further breakthrough attempts at the border." Following Sunday's meeting with the Georgian head of state, Vladimir Putin said his Georgian counterpart had suggested that the two countries' frontier services be given instructions to improve interaction, jointly patrolling the border if necessary.

Besides, President Putin said, referring to Eduard Shevardnadze's assurances, that the terrorists now in Georgian detention would be extradited to Russia promptly.

Georgia had extradited 5 of the 13 militants, who were detained by Georgian border-guards early in August, before the CIS summit in Chisinau.

Moscow and Tbilisi are set to resolve their basic problem - to launch efficient co-operation in the anti-terrorist cause, said Vladimir Putin.

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