Russia Will Feed the Whole World! - 9 October, 2002 - News

Russian pensioners, homeless children get no attention from the government again

It seems the Russian Agricultural Ministry and its head are out of control. Minister Aleksey Gordeyev was ready to resign a couple of weeks ago over the lack of government planning for the very high grain harvest. Today he proudly reported that Russia is going to feed all the hungry people of the world, even with its low quality grain. The minister mentioned South Africa, North Korea and Afghanistan in particular.

RIA Novosti reported Aleksey Gordeyev made that outragous promise to the Executive Director of the UN World Food Program, James Morris. According to Gordeyev, Russia will deliver 30 thousand tons of wheat to the hungry. The head of the Agricultural Ministry claimed that it would be humanitarian aid. All those deliveries will be carried out at Russia’s expense. Prior to this, the minister was determined to sell the Russian wheat all over the world to earn money, now he is willing to give it away.

Furthermore, Russia will become a donor to the World Food Program. In return, Russia was included in the Executive Committee of the organization.

It is hard to imagine, what Mr. Morris thought after he learned about Russia’s generosity. James Morris has acknowledged in the past that Russia is one of the most important countries that did not support the UN World Food Program at all. However, according to Morris, Russia’s serious success in the field of agriculture allowed it to feed the hungry people of other countries.

The World Food Program renders serious food support to millions of people all over the world. In 2001 the program helped 80 million people from 81 countries. The program does not have any food reserves. They use the supplies of donor countries, and Russia is one of them now. James Morris stated that there were 14 million hungry people in South Africa, 6.5 million people in North Korea, and about ten million people in Afghanistan. Of course, the Russian wheat will be very helpful to the UN World Food Program.

Let’s hope that millions of poor Russian pensioners will not learn anything about the endeavors of the Russian Agricultural Ministry. The state was racking its brains about a way to use the record harvest of grain. For some reason, it did not occur to statesmen to use it for giving away free bread to veterans, disabled people, pensioners and millions of Russian homeless people. It deems that it is far beyond the logic of Russia’s economic policy. Let’s feed the hungry people of the world for free.

Kira Poznakhirko PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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