CNN: Russia contests US Navy supremacy

The American military is deeply concerned that new Russian submarines will challenge the US Navy supremacy.

"We're back to the point now where we have to consider there is an adversary ready to challenge us in the undersea domain and that undersea superiority is not guaranteed," U.S. Navy Commodore Ollie Lewis told CNN.

New American Virginia-class submarines are able to carry out a wide range of tasks, gather intelligence and launch torpedoes at ground targets. But they will face a new challenge quite soon, that is the Russian Yasen class submarine.

As Michael Kofman, an expert at the Washington Wilson Center, explained, among all the submarines that the US adversaries possess, the Yasen is the quietest one, and the US "Navy is not really sure it can track it".

The Russian submarines' increased activity is also noted to be in the triangle Greenland-Iceland-Great Britain, and that is the key naval corridor for the US military reinforcement in Europe.

Beside that, according to the USS Missouri's commander Fraser Hudson, Russia does not intend to just make a "political statement", but rather to gain a practical experience.

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