Omsk regional court cancels registration of local extremists organization's department

On Thursday the Omsk regional court (Western Siberia) has allowed the regional prosecutor's claim to cancel registration of the RNE (Russian National Unity) movement's regional department. The court has decided that the organization's activity contradicts three federal laws "On Public Organizations", "On Counteracting Extremist Activity" and "On Perpetuating Soviet People's Victory in the Great Patriotic War".

During the court session it was stressed that the Omsk RNE department was conducting extremist activities on the territory of the region. The documents confirm that the organization uses fascist symbols on its stamps, official documents and uniforms of its supporters.

Meanwhile, after the session the leader of the RNE regional department Alexei Nikolayev stated that they would file an appeal, and the registration's cancellation did not change anything.

However, RNE has no legal right to conduct political activity without registration, said Senior regional prosecutor Vadim Chernyshev. Otherwise, this case will be passed over to the prosecutor's office and the FSB, he pointed out.

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