The Big Fat "Why?"

I'm a great believer in Freudian slips. And today I think I may have hit upon "why" President Bush is so intent on attacking Iraq at this point in time. Certainly everyone is asking the same question: Saddam has had his arsenal for some decades. So, why is it important for the White House to start a major war with Iraq right now, one that will cost the lives of thousands of innocent people?

What's the real reason?

Is it for oil? To draw attention away from an injured economy? Perhaps the November elections? Could it be pressure from Israel's Sharon to do away with Arafat and Saddam in one clean sweep? Or just another old-fashioned Bush family feud against Saddam?

The Freudian slip I noticed today was a brand-new term used in Bush's Cincinnati speech. He used the word "blackmail." Do you get it? I don't. How could Saddam blackmail the world by stockpiling weapons? Where's the connection? Blackmail is an extortion of payment in return for silence. The storage and manufacture of weapons is a different matter.

There are hundreds of "conspiracy theory" websites that try to link corporate greed and political corruption within the U.S. to the Sept 11 attacks. Did some companies really make money from airline stocks a day before the attacks?

Could it be that a "breach of security" has finally taken place? Not on the U.S. side, but on the Muslim side. Straight into the ear of Saddam, who made the tragic mistake of suggesting cash for silence. Such a big fat "why" would explain Bush's frantic hurry to eliminate Saddam now. After the bombing begins we can sit back with a sigh of relief and say:

"We finally shut him up!"

But then again, I don't really believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in hoaxes and political gaffes. Blunders made to look like calculated plots that cannot be traced.


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