Direct and Clear Threat to the US

Americans are concerned with Russian nuclear arsenals and its aid to Iran

Still continued support of Iranian and Syrian nuclear programmes by Russia could injure its co-operation with the US, Undersecretary of State on nuclear control, John Bolton said while appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Committee was discussing the Global Partnership Programme of the “Big Eight,” aimed against spread of weapon of mass destruction. Bolton complimented Russia for its co-operation with the US (which withdrew from ABM treaty). And everything could satisfy Americans, if Russia sooner annihilated its weapon reserves and stopped this “endless” export of technologies, weapon and transport means to Iran and Syria.

Americans are still concerned with Russian aid to these countries. Bolton called this aid “considerable,” especially in the field of the Teheran programme on long-range missiles. The programme, however, is based, according to Bolton, on the North-Korean technology, but not on the Russian or on the Soviet one. Americans consider this programme threatens Europe, Russia and, at the last, the US. “The programme of global partnership” was signed by leaders of seven industrial countries and Russia June 2002 in the Canadian city of Kananaskis.

It is aimed for financial support of several projects, first of all in Russia, for non-proliferation, disarmament, fight against terrorism, and nuclear security, Assositated Press reports. According to the programme, within 10 years, 20 billion dollars will be spent for annihilation of chemical weapon, disassembly of nuclear submarines, search for a new range of application of fissionable materials and employment of scientists. A half of this sum will be rendered by Americans.

The United States pushes Russia to a sooner reduction of its nuclear and chemical arsenals. Americans are afraid of terrorists being able to capture them. As if quoting the author of political thrillers, Tom Clancy, Bolton said: “Nothing is a more direct and clear threat to our security, than “deposits” of nuclear, chemical, and, probably, biological weapon, kept in Russia for more than ten years after the Soviet Union collapse”. It is the more dangerous, that groups, as Al-Qaida, could buy or steal weapon of mass destruction from Russia.

The concern of Americans only grew, as it became clear that Al-Qaida had not been annihilated and it was occupying itself with regrouping of its forces. Though, it should be noticed that the US activities are a bit inconsequent. Nuclear materials from Yugoslavian institute of the city of Vinca were transported to the Russian city of Dimitrovgrad. That was the demand of Americans and of IAAE. One of the main arguments was, that in Russia they will be better preserved, than in Belgrade. While Russian arsenals cause constant concern in the US.

Though, Americans are worldwide known with their double standards not only in this sphere. According to Assosiated Press, senator Richard Lugar noticed that the US should not only make Russia accelerate the weapon annihilation, but also more actively “co-operate” with other countries to which this weapon could get. According to Lugar, the “Big Eight” countries should press upon high Russian functionaries, making them “more actively” meet the engagements given by President Putin as for disarmament. Russian aid to Iran is one more “direct and clear threat” to Americans. They consider this aid cannot be explained with economical reasons either by Russia or by Iran: Iran has enough energy resources.

Therefore, Iran needs Russian aid for other aims. According to Bolton, Iran needs all the elements of nuclear fuel circle and these elements are necessary to produce nuclear weapon. Russian and Iran many times repeated they co-operate in the framework of energy production programme for civil purposes.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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