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Sakhalin region targets priority development territories

Three territories of priority development will appear in the Sakhalin region. Two of them, called "Mountain Air" and "Southern," will be created in the southern part of Sakhalin, and the third one - on the Kuril Islands.

Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor of the Sakhalin region, said that the specialization of the territories was consistent with strategic directions of economic development of the Sakhalin region. It goes about tourism, agriculture and fishing industry.

"We are solving problems to reduce the dependance of the island region on the imports of production, to ensure food security and increase the export potential of the region," said Oleg Kozhemyako.

"Mountain Air" territory of priority development will consist of a ski resort, "Sinegorsk Mineral Waters" health center, the coastal area of the Nevelsk District and Moneron Island. The territory of priority development "Southern" will primarily target agricultural projects aimed at accelerating the process of import substitution and strengthening food security. On the Kuril Islands, one will develop processing industries, tourism and fisheries, including aquaculture and mariculture. Artificial reproduction of salmon will be one of the most important directions.

"The organization of a mariculture cluster will give a good impetus to the development of the Kuril Islands, - CEO of Fish Union, Sergei Gudkov told Pravda.Ru. - With regard to the country on the whole, investing in culture-based fisheries in the Far East, including in Sakhalin - is a promising activity. The investment will be undoubtedly paid back with a much larger added value in both the region's economy and in economy on the whole. It goes about not only new jobs, but it also means more fish in our food stores. Lower production costs will cut the costs of the final product for our consumers."