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Tuva Republic to preserve stationary traffic police posts

The authorities of the Tuva Republic intend to preserve stationary traffic police posts and build new ones. Stationary traffic police posts were abolished in Russia, but they may serve as an effective link in the security system of the region.

"I fully support the initiative of the head of the Tuva Republic on the preservation and construction of traffic police posts. When the law was adopted to abolition stationary posts, I was puzzled with that, as I am familiar with what's happening on our roads. One could come for help quickly and easily from a stationary post, and it could save human lives," actor Sergei Astakhov, who played the main part in a popular Russian TV show about traffic police, told Pravda.Ru. "Throughout the world, motorway is the place where plenty of crimes occur: they smuggle illegal goods and drugs and so on. Stationary police posts are vital in our times," the actor added.

The head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, has repeatedly raised the issue of differentiated approach to optimizing regional departments of the Interior Ministry. Under the conditions of low population density and weak communication infrastructure, the liquidation of stationary traffic police posts has led to significant aggravation of situations on the roads.

"I absolutely support the head of Tuva. Whatever modern technology may be, technology can never replace a human being," deputy chairman of the commission on security and cooperation with the Public Chamber, Dmitry Chugunov told Pravda.Ru. - Sholban Kara-ool very well understands that officers on stationary posts can take preventive measures to ensure traffic safety. Two hundred percent of my support to that!"