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Murmansk region develops Nordic cooperation

Within the framework of the 15th session of the Council of the Barents/Euro-Arctic territory, the Murmansk region signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnish regions.

Finland is currently in the process of running an administrative reform, the novelties of which suggest updating the format of cooperation.

"Cooperation with regions of Finland has traditionally been a priority for our region. After many years of this experience, we are convinced that we need to continue and strengthen the cooperation," said Marina Kovtun, the Governor of the Murmansk region said. 

The new memorandum opens prospects for cooperation between the Murmansk region and Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland in economy, health care and education, as well as in culture and tourism. Young people will be attracted to these activities.

The Murmansk International Business Week that starts on November 16th, can be one of the possible platforms for discussions.

"It appears to me that the Murmansk region needs to concentrate on the objective to take leading positions by developing small and medium-sized businesses. Cooperation with northern European regions should be used as a lever," the Director of the Center for Economy of the North and the Arctic Council, Alexander Pilyasov told Pravda.Ru.

Days of the Russian-Norwegian border cooperation are to take place in the Murmansk region in late October. The business program of the event will be primarily devoted to tourism.