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New railway to link White Sea, Komi and Urals

In the north of Russia, a railway will be built to link the White Sea, the Komi Republic and the Urals. Chinese company Poly Technologies, Inc will take part in the project.  

"The project is very promising for the development of the Arkhangelsk region, especially for the territories, though which the railroad will be built, - the head of the region Igor Orlov said. - This is a huge investment that the region will receive, and the investment will work in the interest of the people of our region. Local industry and infrastructure will be involved in the construction process. New roads will be built and electrified, new energy systems will appear as well. All this will open totally new perspectives for the territories, through which the railway will go."

In addition to the implementation of the project per se, Russia receives access to technology, which is also very important, first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for Transport, Mikhail Bryachak said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

"Chinese technology is far better than ours when it comes to railway construction. We are interested in the cooperation with Chinese investors, as well as with any other investors that have both financial and technical resources at their disposal." Mikhail Bryachak added. 

In addition to the railway, the authorities plan to build a deep-sea area of the port of Arkhangelsk. The authorities of the region also plan to create a more comfortable access to forest and other natural resources of the region.