What if the USA Bombs Russia?

The Russian energy minister declared that Saudi Arabia is Russia’s major partner in the Middle East

It became known after the failure of the Russian-American summit in Houston that Russia need not wait for considerable investments from its foreign “partner.” However, Russia needs such investments like a fish needs water. It stands to reason that the Russian government now looks in the opposite direction, where it is more likely to obtain investments. Saudi oil sheikhs have had their eyes on Russia for a long time already. In other words, Russia will be friends with the USA for free: the friendship against international terrorism. On the other hand, Russia will be friends with the "center of international terrorism," Saudi Arabia, but for a price.

The first session of the Russian-Saudi committee for trading, economic, and scientific cooperation is currently taking place in Moscow. The session is chaired by Igor Yusufov, the Russian Minister for Energy, and by the Saudi Minister for Finances and National Economy, Ibrahim Abd al-Aziz al-Asaf. Igor Yusufov has recently assured Al-Asaf that Russia is not going to compete with Saudi Arabia for the American oil market. Mr. Yusufov said the opposite thing in Houston, though.

Russia and Saudi Arabia are working on an agreement for the mutual protection of investments. Russia has a strong desire to deal with Saudi oil against the background of the debacle in the Iraqi oil business. Igor Yusufov even said that Saudi Arabia was Russia’s most important partner in the Middle East. Needless to mention that the Arabs do not care about the Russian oil. They are interested in something different.

The basic goal of the committee is to determine the priority directions of cooperation. Igor Yusofov stated that Russia is interested in investment capital from Saudi Arabia. Usufov is certain that Russia has something to offer Saudi Arabia. This is Russian technologies in gas and oil extraction, the aluminium industry, and the defense industry. It goes without saying that the Saudi princes are extremely interested in the latter.

PRAVDA.Ru has recently reported about the intention of the Saudi government to pay Russia four billion dollars for the development of an ABM system of the fifth generation. Arabs are interested in other Russian weapons as well: anything that can be used against the Americans when they land their troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

It was said during the session that the volume of the mutual trade between the two countries made up $67 million in the year 2001. This index gained ten million dollars against the previous year. Yet, the commodity circulation reached $50 million over the first six months of the current year. Our friendship is growing before our own eyes. You can imagine how the commodity circulation will grow when the Russian weapons start flowing to Saudi Arabia. What if the USA starts bombing Russia like it did to Yugoslavia? What if?

Dmitry Slobodanuk PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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