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Cruise missiles used in Kamchatka

The Russian missilemen have carried out firing drill with the use of cruise missiles. The predetermined targets have been successfully destroyed in the Pacific Ocean.

Two missile divisions are reported to have taken part in the exercise, according to the Eastern Military District.

About 40 military and special equipment units, as well as over 500 servicemen have been involved in the manoeuvres.

MiG-31 interceptor aircraft have also shot air targets at the distance of over 40 kilometres. Bad weather conditions have not hindered the combat pilots.

Pravda.Ru reported about the possible US attack with the use of cruise missiles. The US has accomplished a range of programs on the increase of the cruise missiles quantity for the first strike, as well as got to the increase of their range and accuracy. The Americans also re-equip their Ohio nuclear-powered submarines, which can carry up to 154 cruise missiles each.

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