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Pentagon worries: Russia catches up and surpasses US

General Frank Gorenc, Commander of the US Air Forces Europe grieved to admit that the Russian Aerospace Forces keep close on the US heels given their level of technical capability.

According to him, Russia managed to improve the quality and quantity of its equipment, including aircraft, which are produced in Russia.

"The advantage that we had from the air, I can honestly say, is shrinking, not only with respect to the aircraft that they're producing, but the more alarming thing is their ability to create anti-access area denied areas is a challenge that we're all going to face up to and that we're all going to have to train to," Gorenc claimed.

He also referred to the Crimea and the Kaliningrad region as well secured territories, as well as those, which Russian Armed Forces are capable to control, including part of some NATO member-states' airspace.

"There's clearly a whole set of modern, long-range, surface-to-air missile systems that are clearly being layered in a way that makes access into that area more difficult. We're going to have to develop TTPs [tactics, techniques and procedures] and continue to develop requirements that will allow us to address that modern, long-range SAM array," Gorenc stated.

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