New Terrorist Attacks Feared

Secret Services claim to have information which points towards a spate of new terrorist attacks around the world, while the USA and UK declare that Saddam Hussein is as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden.

A British government spokesperson declared to journalists on Tuesday that “We know that there will be more attacks like the one in Bali. This is the nature of the evil we are dealing with”. German and Italian secret service sources also claim to have this information and are pressing for additional security measures to be taken.

Security is again the order of the day, as the CIA is accused by the Washington Post of having had a list of places where a terrorist attack was to be carried out for weeks and that Bali was mentioned in a secret CIA report two weeks ago, after communications were tapped into at the end of September. That the CIA did not share this information with the USA’s partners is clear.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard declared that “We did not have any warning of the specific attack that took place. There were just general warnings about the worsening of security conditions and the situation regarding the question of terrorism in Indonesia”.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Moslem nation with 150 million inhabitants, with strong currents of fundamentalism in some of its islands and it is known that Al-Qaeda had a training camp in an Indonesian forest island.

British Prime Minister and US President George Bush were quick to declare that this attack does not take the heat off Saddam Hussein, Blair declaring that Saddam Hussein’s arsenal must be destroyed before it falls into terrorist hands and Bush insinuating that Saddam Hussein has links with Bin Laden.

If September 11th was a lesson in how not to conduct security surveillance operations, it seems inconceivable that the CIA could have known the location and date of a further terrorist attack and not have taken the measures to prevent it.


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