US ex-officer: Putin is best what happened to Russia in a century

Former American psychological warfare officer and counter-terrorism analyst Scott Bennett said in his interview with PressTV what Russia can do at the moment to resist the US pressure.

'Vladimir Putin is probably the best thing that has happened to Russia in a hundred years,' Bennett claimed, pointing out, that Russian president is a symbol of an independent country.

Former officer also highlighted, that Putin has been listened and watched by various foreign intelligence agencies, including the American one since the early 80s.

Bennett also called accusations of the President robbing his country as 'ludicrous'.

'I do not think a more patriotic figure with a greater love of country and people than Vladimir Putin exists because we saw in the 90s when Soviet Union started to fall apart, Vladimir Putin took the side of Russians and loved his country and his people when the United States was actively trying to sabotage and scuttle and destroy Russia. And they revealed that they despise Russia and Putin now is because it is a conservative God-fearing, family-loving country which the American people are as well. It is sadly only the Obama administration which has become anti-family, anti-marriage and is gone on this maniac crusade around the world to cultivate hegemony and start wars,' Bennett stated.

Scott Bennett also claimed, that after various disclosures of the US government, its orchestrating terror acts like 9/11, its tortures in the prisons, its interference in wars throughout the world and their aggravation, the Americans start to wake up and reveal, that Russians are not going to wage war with the US and simply protect their interests.

According to the analyst, it will help the American people to come to senses and improve relations with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

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