Arkhangelsk region to build affordable housing

The Arkhangelsk region presented projects to improve living conditions of citizens with the help of economy-class houses. The preliminary selection of land, developers and housing projects has already been conducted for the region's participation in the program "Housing for Russian Family."

At the meeting held at the House of the Government, opened by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Minister for Construction and Housing Mikhail Men, the key topic for discussion was the implementation of the largest federal program "Housing for Russian Family" in the regions of Russia. In the report, presented at the meeting, Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov noted that the issue of housing was one of the most acute ones for those living in the north of the country. As many as 43,000 families are in dire need of better living conditions. Of them, about eight thousand families live in communal apartments, and up to ten thousand - in dilapidated houses.

"The program "Housing for Russian Family" makes good progress. The Russian parliament has recently taken important laws for the industry. The laws are particularly about the acquisition of land for the construction of economy class housing and nonprofit employment housing, secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, State Duma deputy of the 6th convocation, deputy chairman of the Committee for housing policy and communal services, Alexander Sidyakin told Pravda.Ru. - Regions will now have a whole range of opportunities: construction cooperatives, housing cooperatives for large families, the construction of economy-class neighborhoods. We are formulating all of these mechanisms in the law. Regions will be able to choose the model of construction. In the United Russia party, there is a project called "Own House" - it aims to promote economy class housing. In general, the Arkhangelsk region is going on an absolutely right way, focusing on the participation in federal programs, although the region must have its own programs, to be funded by subjects."

The Arkhangelsk region administration is well aware of the benefits of participating in various programs. Thus, at a recent meeting of the expanded board of the Russian Ministry for Construction and Housing, Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov presented the projects of the regional government, aimed at improving living conditions of citizens through the construction of economy-class houses.

Igor Orlov told Pravda.Ru: "The preliminary selection of land, developers and housing projects for the region to participate in the program "Housing for Russian Family" has been made. It is expected that the construction of economy-class houses will unfold in Severodvinsk, Kotlas, Arkhangelsk, as well as in Konoshsky and Primorsky districts of the region. By July 1, 2017, more than 240 thousand square meters of new housing is to be put in operation."

According to the governor, to execute the state defense order, major enterprises of Severodvinsk are going to attract about 12,000 skilled workers in 2014-2020. One of the most effective ways to attract workforce to the city of shipbuilders, as they call Severodvinsk, is affordable housing. As part of the region's participation in the program "Housing for Russian Family," the project of the construction of residential quarters for the workers of Zvyozdochka ship-repairing factory will be implemented in the first place.

"The construction of three nine-storeyed apartment buildings, as well as objects of public utilities and transport infrastructure will provide for 24,000 square meters of housing by 2016, and 18,000 more - by 2018," said Igor Orlov. The construction is to begin in early 2015.

Furthermore, in the island area of the city of ​​Severodvinsk, the Yagry district, it is  planned to allocate a block for individual housing construction. The residential area will be called "Yagrinsky Park." The area will have 382 houses with an average area of 100 square meters, as well as socio-cultural and municipal institutions.

Igor Orlov also stressed out that the region would build 36,000 square meters of housing and social facilities, transportation and utility infrastructure for shipbuilders of Arkhangelsk in the Solombalsky district of the regional center. The construction is to start in early 2015. The construction of 520 apartments will come in three stages: the first part will be put into operation in 2016, and the project is to finish at the end of 2017.

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