The Terrorists Will Leave The Theatre Themselves

As is fixed in their previously scheduled plan
One of the leaders of the Vympel special group operating in KGB and FSB, which was disbanded in 1996, gave an exclusive interview to PRAVDA.Ru correspondent

Personally me, the man with 20-years experience in the struggle with terrorism, see that the hostage situation will be solved within the nearest time. It is clear that the actions of the terrorists and the statements they pronounce are of a populist nature, because as I know, real kamikaze from Arab countries would have confirmed their resolve with actions, which would mean 10-20 dead hostages in the theatre by this moment. Main objective of these terrorists is to demonstrate how strong and mighty they can be even in the center of Moscow.

My opinion is that the special services and law enforcement authorities are operating correctly, because as more information the mass media give to the terrorists, the more they become insolent.

The lessons Russia had been taught during the terrorist act in Budennovsk in 1995 when lots of people were taken hostages in the hospital, proved very effective: this time the press isn’t allowed to the building, which demonstrates once again that the terrorists just talk a lot, but do little. Otherwise, Barayev’s nephew, the man at the head of the terrorist group, would demand for a TV appearance and set up claims. These claims would be more and more insolent, including ransom of the hostages.

But as nothing of this kind is done, the action itself is designed to spread panic in Moscow. Tomorrow, or even this night the terrorists may leave the building themselves using the underground corridors laid under the theatre building. It’s very important for the president to demonstrate the will and resolve; do everything possible to allow the special services and the Alfa group to work effectively.

Unlike during the hostage crisis in Budennovsk in 1995, incompetent people, I mean the deputies as well, shouldn’t interfere with the work of the special services and give silly recommendations. The will and resolve are really very important now. If we think carefully, we can understand that amount of explosives necessary to blow the building up from inside should be more than can be transported in the 3-4 cars which the terrorists used to get to the building.

Patience is extremely important in this situation. However, it’s obvious that the terrorists would have never organized an action of this kind if they had no relations with high-ranking officials among the Russian political and law enforcement authorities. Thus, the terrorists have some patrons among the Russian authorities.

The interview was made by Ilya Tarasov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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