Observations from the Scene: Alpha Force Brought In

PRAVDA.Ru reports from the scene of the hostage crisis.

Observations from the scene.

Today, eight children have been released, between the ages of six and twelve. It is reported that 25 children remain in the building.

It is being said that the Russian government has broken off talks. The Russian government will not consider removing Russian troops from Chechnya. In fact, because of this, the government is promising to come down even harder in Chechnya.

There are 75 foreign hostages being held. The gunmen refuse to release any foreign hostages. They believe that they need to keep the interest of the foreign media, and, for this reason, they need the foreign hostages even more so than Russian hostages.

Once again, gunshots and grenade explosions have been heard. It is said that these were the result of some hostages trying to escape. However, apparently, nobody was hurt.

The crowd today was much larger than yesterday. The spectators began to bother the police, so the whole crowd was forced to leave the scene. Currently, only the press and families of the hostages are allowed near the building.

Several Orthodox priests were allowed into the theater.

At 14:00, bread, water, juice, and cigarettes were brought into the building.

The family members are staying in a nearby gym. Outside, yelling and screaming can be heard.

It is being reported that the Russian government is planning to use force to end the crisis. Because of the breakdown in talks, the terrorists plan to start executing hostages as of 6:00 am tomorrow.

18:20 All journalists are told to leave the scene. The elite Alpha anti-terrorist unit is brought in.

20:00 The view of the building has been completely blocked by vehicles. In addition, there are many ambulances standing by.

Reported by Pravda.Ru Correspondent David Misselt

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Author`s name: Editorial Team