Terrorists to Start Killing Hostages Tomorrow Morning

They decided that they would wait only three nights. Tomorrow morning will be the deadline.

The press service of Nord Ost musical informed that the hostage-takers have put forward an ultimatum. They said that the Russian authorities must meet their requirements. Otherwise, they will start shooting hostages at 6 am tomorrow morning, on October 26.

The terrorists’ ultimatum was received from the hostages when they called their relatives via cell phones. The hostages say that the terrorists have already determined their plan. They decided that they would wait only three nights. Tomorrow morning will be the deadline.

“We call upon every citizen of our country, especially the statesmen, and all the people of the world to do everything possible and impossible to save the hostages,” the official statement from the Nord Ost musical press service runs.

According to NEWSRU.com, FSB Director Nikolay Patrushev announced that the terrorists will be guaranteed their lives if they release the hostages. Patrushev released the statement after a meeting with President Putin. Patrushev stated that negotiations will continue. He expressed his hope that they will bring positive results.

In the meantime, the situation at the Moscow music theatre has recently worsened. RIA Novosti reported that one of the hostages, Anna Andrianova (she called the press service of Nord Ost musical) said during her phone call: “Something bad is coming over everyone. People feel very bad; stress worsens their chronic diseases. This results in heart attacks and blood pressure changes. The people are half-unconscious, and everyone is very alarmed. There is lot of garbage here, and the people are very weary. There is the impression that they are going to be tired of this soon. We call upon Muscovites to think. If something bad happens to us, no one will have a quiet life either in Moscow or in Russia. This will only live in fear.”

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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