Russia Mourns Nord Ost Musical Victims - 28 October, 2002 - News

The word victory implies two-thirds of the trouble in the Russian perception of it (director Mark Rozovsky)

“This is more than just a crime, this is a mistake,” presidential aid Andrey Illarionov once said. We do not even talk about a crime, but it is worth talking about a mistake. There will be a lot of things said regarding the use of special substances to release the hostages from the Moscow music theatre.

The government has officially acknowledged the use of those substances; it is an honor to the government. The dead have one truth, the alive have another.

The friends an relatives Nord Ost were united with only one thing: the tragedy. Yet, the morning of October 26th divided them into two. One hundred and seventeen people died, but the rest are alive. Those, who have survived the hell mourn with all others in the whole country. They thank God and special services for their rescue. They have not realized anything so far. We have not realized anything yet either.

A society is not supposed to set its hopes for the special services. A society must stand for itself alone. Otherwise, it will be buried with acts of terrorism and explosions. All entertainment programs that were to take place in Moscow on Monday have been cancelled. This was officially said by the governmental Committee for Culture. October 28, Monday, is announced the day of mourning in connection with tragic consequences of the terrorist act in Moscow. Chicago and Notre Dame de Paris musical shows have been cancelled. There will be no performances or any music shows that have at least an iota of fun.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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