Russian health ministry alarmed with growing alcoholism incidence

Over 2001, alcohol consumption in Russia went up from 5.3 up to 8.3 litres per person. The Russian health ministry cited these figures at an all-Russian conference devoted to the problem of the alcohol drinks market.

The ministry is alarmed with the growing alcoholic intoxication of the Russian population. Incidence of alcoholism among teenagers grew up by 15 percent over the past 3 years. Beer sales have increased dramatically, while the drink is particularly popular among the young.

Experts have taken a contrastive toxicological examination of vodka, cognac and whisky. The drinks do not differ that much in terms of the drunkenness effect and ability to cause lethal poisoning. However, as far as hangover and alcoholic intoxication of further generations go, vodka is the worst.

Grape crown gall extract, which is added to cognac and whisky, can reduce the negative effect of drinking vodka. The extract will bring down the negative effect on a genetic level, according to the health ministry.

Gosstandrart, or the State Service for Standard Reference Data on the Physical Constants and Properties of Substances and Materials, officials deemed it necessary that Russian standards for alcohol drinks be harmonised with the Western ones. There are 66 standards, which regulate production, storage, package and transportation, as well as quality of alcoholic products, in Russia as of today.

Gosstandart is now busy elaborating a standard, which would allow to establish authenticity of alcohol products and their quality by means of express tests.

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