30 Million Russians Require Psychological Help After Hostage Crisis

Director of the National Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry Tatyana Dmitriyeva said at a press-conference in Moscow today: “Practically every fifth citizen in Russia who followed the hostage situation in Moscow has become, as specialists say, secondary victims to the hostage taking. And, as well as actual victims of the terrorist act, these people need psychiatric aid.”

Only half of these people, which means up to 10% of the Russia population, will request aid within the nearest time, Tatyana Dmitriyeva says. And the rest of the 15 million people who witnessed the tragic events in the Moscow theatre due to the mass media will try to overcome the crisis independently.

As for the hostages themselves, and Tatyana Dmitriyeva characterized their conduct in the situation as “practically ideal,” the doctor recommends the people not to leave hospitals ahead of time and remain under constant medical supervision within the nearest time. She explains that “a retarded stage of the stress will have its effect on the people for several next weeks.”

It was especially stressed that not only victims of the terrorist act in Moscow, but their relatives as well need medical aid, because several suicide attempts among relatives have been already reported.

Tatyana Dmitriyeva says that “any act of terrorism may have consequences for the physical and psychical health of people.” The results of the disastrous effect may be revealed several weeks after the terrorist act.

“Today, the rescued hostages have been leaving hospitals, and they are happy that they are alive, but this doesn’t mean they won’t need psychological help later,” the academician says. She added that several hostages who earlier left the hospitals had to return there for more medical aid. Translated by Maria Gousseva

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