UN Concern Over Chechen Refugee Camps in Ingushetia

The UNHCR has expressed concern over Russian troop movements near Chechen refugee camps in Ingushetia. However, in the light of recent Chechen terrorist activity, it should be patently clear to all that the Russian Federation has every right to protect its citizens by adopting the appropriate security measures.

After last weekend’s antics in Moscow, only an idiot would dare to frown upon security measures undertaken by the Russian security forces to try to sort out the legitimate Chechen residents inside the Russian federation from the illegitimate ones. Recent troop movements around Chechen refugee camps in Ingushetia have brought declarations of concern by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, whose spokesperson Ron Redmond stated that “Since some of the Internally Displaced Persons so far have not received a registration document from the authorities, we are concerned that this may raise protection concerns for these individuals and would urge that the authorities provide appropriate documentation to the displaced people”.

Obviously, the Russian Federation Security Forces have been stepping up controls around the camps, where 120,000 Chechens are accommodated, so as to hinder access by terrorist groups aiming to foment discontent among these communities and obviously, people entering and leaving are controlled.

To express “concern” over these events appears to be an insult to the hundreds of Russian families who buried their dead this week after the horrendous terrorist attack on a Moscow theatre last weekend.


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