No Vodka or Beer for Former Hostages

Doctor gives advice to former hostages of the Moscow music theatre

A new chapter has started for the former hostages who recovered from shock and gas poisoning in Moscow hospitals. These people are experiencing immense happiness due to the fact that it is all over and done with. This feeling of joy comes after the feelings of despair and horror that they had to survive for so many hours. People are celebrating a day of victory in this way. They celebrate the greatest achievement for a human being: staying alive. Everything else pales in comparison.

Needless to mention, thespeople who had to go through that hell wanted to get home as soon as possible. These weak and exhausted people with shocked nerve systems and chronic diseases just wanted to go home and to breath the air of freedom. It goes without saying that these people have been changed. The wounds of their souls will bleed their entire lives. The horror of Nord Ost will follow these people in their nightmares for a long time. This very well might have a negative influence on their health as well.

Blood samples of all former hostages were taken for biochemical analysis. The results of the blood tests were ready after the first group of patients were checked out of the hospital. According to the analyses, the patients’ blood enzyme indexes increased quite a bit. This shows active inflammation processes in the pancreas, spleen, liver, as well as the disturbance of respiratory functions.

Vitaly Yefimov, the director of the Indo-Tibet and innovation medicine lab, said that those people who felt very bad and checked out of the hospital later than those who left the hospitals early, turned out to be in a better situation. Vitaly Yefimov had a chance to observe several former hostages. We believe that this doctor’s opinion is very important and interesting.

“Unfortunately, there was quite a large number of people who hurried to leave the hospitals and go home, despite strong gas poisoning. These people were in a hurry and they were not totally responsible for their actions, so they did not get the recommendations that they were supposed to get in order to avoid any health problems. Furthermore, the doctors did not have a complete picture of the gas poisoning and lack of oxygen complications by the time when the first group of former hostages were leaving the hospitals. All they wanted to do was to go home as soon as possible. One can definitely understand that. However, the results of that haste might be very sad.

“These people need to return to the hospital that they were staying in if they feel even a little bit worse. By the way, several people have already returned to hospitals, asking for help. They were hospitalized again. I would like to give several recommendations for those who think they are ok.

“Celebrating the survival according to the Russian tradition of drinking vodka is absolutely out of the question. As far as I know, there are some people who have done this already. The recovery process will take about two months. This is the most dangerous period for a human being, because there might be various complications developing. Any kind of alcohol, including beer, is out of the question. There should not be any hot, fried, or fatty food, as well as no vinegar-containing food like ketchup, mayonnaise, or mustard Breaking this diet will result in pancreas and liver deterioration. There is the possibility for infectious hepatitis to develop, and a large part of the cells might die.

“I would like to give several general recommendations regarding antidotes. People poisoned by gas are supposed to take antidotes for two months. For protection of the pancreas and spleen, they should sdrink pumpkin juice or eat fresh pumpkin salad. It would be very good to eat turnip as well. One or two teaspoonfuls of melted butter with a little hot borax during meals will be very helpful to get rid of toxic substances.

“Mango juice and milk are very good for the liver, as well as up to four teaspoons of fresh aloe juice a day. There can be problems with the peripheral nervous system, like weak fingers and toes. This can be a consequence of hypoxia, complicated by the lack of motion of the hostages. The easiest thing to do is to rub the horse radish juice on the aching spots.

“Cardamom and nutmeg extracts are very good as stress relievers. A teaspoonful of both of those extracts mixed with a glass of water is good to get rid of stress and depression. These recommendations can be very good to get rid of toxic substances in the human body.”

Anna Tkacheva, Megapolis Express Inna Novikova PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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