Danish Television Broadcasts Barbarities of Russian Troops in Chechnya

While Russian Prosecutor General Ustinov met with Danish minister of justice
Today early Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov met with Danish Minister of Justice Lene Espersen and gave her documents proving the guilt of Aslan Maskhadov’s official emissary, Ahmed Zakayev in terrorism acts. Later, Deputy Prosecutor General in Russia’s South Federal district Sergey Fridinsky said at a press-conference: “We considered Denmark’s demands concerning more materials and substantiated charges against Ahmed Zakayev. The terrorist is charged with organization of a criminal group within the period of 1991-2001 which strength fluctuated from 300 to 1.500 terrorists within the mentioned period. The terrorist group organized acts of terrorism and committed other crimes. One of the charges for instance, is the capture of two officials from the Prosecutor Office in the Urus-Martan region in Chechnya in 1995.”

According to Fridinsky, only after interference of an elder from one of the Chechen settlements the captured people were saved from execution.

December 1995: Zakayev's gang captured several administrative buildings in Urus-Martan and terrorized the local citizens within two weeks. The terrorists killed about ten civil citizens then.

January 1996: Zakayev’s terrorists took two priests prisoners and later executed them by shooting

March 1996: the terrorists seized the regional commandant’s office in the Zavodskoy district of Grozny, the Chechnya capital. As a result, over ten officials of the commandant’s office were shot.

August 1996: Zakayev’s gang captured a railway station in Grozny; about 300 policemen guarding the railway station were killed and wounded.

October 1996: terrorists from the gangs led by Ahmed Zakayev and Ruslan Gelayev terrorized the civil population of the Urus-Martan region. There were pregnant women among the victims.

Later, Zakayev’s gang organized more crimes and terrorism acts in the Urus-Martan region of Chechnya, majority of them were committed against the civil population.

1999: Ahmed Zakayev was an active participant of a rebellion in Dagestan.

Sergey Fridinsky adds that materials of the criminal case are also supplied by evidences proving that a jail was arranged in the basement of the house where Ahmed Zakayev lives. Newsru.com informs that wounded and killed military men and law enforcement officers were delivered to the jail; the people were further sold. It is possible that the list of charges against Ahmed Zakayev can be enlarged. His connection to the recent terrorism act in the Moscow theatre is being established now.

The visit of Denmark Minister of Justice Lene Espersen to Moscow was organized in the network of the meeting of EU key figures (Lene Espersen, Greece Public Order Minister Mihalis Hrisohoidis and EU representative Antonio Vittorino) with the Russian Minister of Justice Yury Chaika and Minister for Internal Affairs Boris Gryzlov.

Denmark still refuses to extradite Ahmed Zakayev to Russia and explains it with the lack of sufficient proofs of his guilt. The Danish authorities are to pass a final decision till November 30. Yury Chaika tells the Danish party that people mustn’t follow double standards in estimation of terrorism. “Terrorism cannot be justified with any political motives or any ideas of the liberation struggle.” A PRAVDA.Ru reader from Denmark sent us a letter this morning in response to the publication “Denmark’s Language Problems”, where the man says that what the author says in when he mentions the position of Denmark official authorities is too gentle. “In fact, this is the policy of double standards; and if we call a spade a spade, this is a political prostitution. And majority of my Danish colleagues and friends also share this opinion. What is the most awful is that even Denmark mass media are dancing to the tune of the Danish authorities in this respect. For instance, currently the Danish TV broadcasts a program about the events in Chechnya, about alleged “barbarities” of Russian troops there. And public opinion is being cultivated there that Zakayev and terrorists of his kind are fighters for freedom. Indeed, number of Moslems in Denmark and in Europe on the whole is speedily increasing. And nobody wants to lose this large electorate, that’s the problem of such attitude to the problem of Ahmed Zakayev’s extradition. It is really very difficult to settle the problem. One thing is obvious and right here: it is only the force that is actually respected (and feared). That is why we should be strong in all respects: the economic, military and political.”

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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