Putin's cranes fly half of their route

The flock of cranes that left the ornithological station in early September has reached the Belozersky Federal Reserve in the Tyumen region of Russia. It goes about the cranes that flew with President Putin as he was trying to show them the way south.  

According to coordinator of the program for the conservation of Siberian cranes Alexander Sorokin, the six cranes were flying to the Uvatsky district of the Tyumen region following a motorized glider. The specialists, who accompanied their flight, were traveling after the birds on barges, navigating on the Ob and the Irtysh rivers, wrote Polit.Ru. In bad weather, the birds were kept in special enclosures on the barges.

The cranes had to overcome nearly 1,200 kilometers from the station to the federal reserve. The birds feel fine. Now they are staying on the White Lake, where they will make friends with gray cranes. Afterwards, they will all fly together to the south, reports the Russian News Service.

Putin in the sky with Siberian cranes

On September 6th, Russian President participated in an experiment to save rare Siberian cranes. Putin flew a hang-glider to show the birds a way south. 


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