Saddam Hussein: Man of Peace

Time is on our side; we should gain time in the hopes that the American-British alliance will collapse under the pressure of public opinion
Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein currently pins his hopes on the peace movement in the USA and Great Britain. Hussein seldom gives interviews to foreign journalist; however, he made an exception for Egypt’s weekly Al-Osboa, and he talked to its correspondent for two hours.

The Egyptian journalist met with Saddam Hussein in one of the Iraqi leader’s palaces on the outskirts of Baghdad. The security service made the journalists change three cars with curtained off windows on the way from his hotel to the palace.

AP reports that the key idea of the interview is as follows: Saddam Hussein hopes that the war plans of the USA and Great Britain concerning Iraq will be frustrated by American and British pacifists.

Saddam Hussein said: “Time is on our side; we should gain time in the hope that the American-British alliance will collapse under the pressure of public opinion. Thousands of peace-loving people are taking part in protest actions against war and aggression in the Arab world and in the West.” The Iraqi leader said openly for the first time that it considers the peace movement in West a strong power capable of preventing war.

Public opinion in the Arab countries is also on Hussein’s side, and he once again urged Arab leaders to help defend Iraq. In his words, Washington’s main objective is to gain control over Mideast oil. He thinks that after Iraq, the Americans will target other Arab countries and Iran (Iran is not considered to be Arab). Arab oil and the whole of the Mideast region will then fall under American domination, which will be exactly what Israel wants. In his words, the main objective of the USA is to split the Middle East and undermine the influence of governments in the whole of the Arab world, wherever they are, in Cairo, Damascus, or Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein had the patience to explain to dim-witted journalists why America targets Iraq and leaves North Korea alone, even after it announced its development of nuclear weapons. Hussein’s explanation was very simple: “There is no oil in North Korea, and it isn’t at odds with Israel and is located too far from Israel.”

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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