‘Excellent’ Vice President To Be Vice President Again

If George Bush runs, then Dick Cheney runs too

American President George Bush was satisfied with the results of interim elections. Bush announced that in the year 2004 Dick Cheney would run for the position of vice president again. This apparently means that George Bush would run for the position of the president.

Needless to mention that there is nothing surprising about that. Everybody was waiting for George Bush to release an official statement on the subject. However, this statement can not be called official yet. Bush simply said that if he strives for his own reelection (everybody understood that he will) than Dick Cheney will be his partner.

Bush said that he and Cheney have a lot of time to think about the year 2004. However, Bush released that statement now, not in 2004 or around that period of time. In addition to that, Bush complemented Cheney on his work as the vice president. The president said that Cheney was excellent on his position: “ He's done an excellent job. I appreciate his advice, I appreciate his counsel, I appreciate his friendship."

Cheney has done a lot for the republicans at the current elections. He attended 70 events, helped to collect more than $40 million for the election campaign. Bush was more humble on his own role.

The American president remembered that he had to spend a lot of time and efforts to convince Dick Cheney to run for vice-presidency during the past election. No one knows, if there is a need for Bush to do this job again in 2004. A lot of American observers do not rule out that Bush might come up with another name for his partner. This was quite possible to happen due to Cheney’ health problems, first and foremost. At age 61 Dick Cheney had four heart attacks. Yet, George Bush put an end to any kind of speculation on the matter.

The United States considered Bush’s statement as an unofficial launch of the pre-election race for the position, which he is currently taking. Now the press will be analyzing all Bush’s actions from the point of view of the future election. A possible military action in Iraq will also be considered in this angle.

With his statement regarding Cheney’s opportunity to keep his position, George Bush gave it to understand that Saddam Hussein had very few chances to keep his own power. If the military force is eventually applied - it looks like so now – then the work will be done quickly, as Bush said. The American president asked not to worry about it. Bush will definitely need Cheney’s experience for that “job” of his.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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