British Nuclear Submarine Runs Aground

Russian submariners say that it’s far from being a state of emergency

The administration of the British Navy started investigating the reasons of the state of emergency, which happened on November 6th during NATO military exercises off Scotland.

The British nuclear submarine Trafalgar ran aground off the Isle of Skye. Two of the 130 crewmembers were injured. Fortunately, the reactor and the hull of the submarine were not damaged. The damage was caused to the coating of the hydroacoustic antenna. Several tanks of the driving ballast were hurt too.

The crewmen managed to make the submarine rise onto the water surface and then the sub set on the Faslane Naval Base. The repairs of the submarine will reportedly take several months. The nuclear submarine Trafalgar was built in 1983.

Well, the foreign media described the situation as a state of emergency, because something like that hardly ever happened. Yet, Russian submariners say that navigation incidents and other sea troubles occur to foreign submarines quite often. A traditional note, which is sent to the Russian Naval Command every six months, mentions the results of the first six months of the current year. The report runs that accidents occur to foreign vessels and submarines twice as often. Sometimes they either travel where they are not supposed to travel, or just run aground. However, it should be said here that Russian submarines set on their underwater journeys twice as seldom in comparison with the foreign navy.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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