James T. Phillips: George Bush is an American

George Bush is an American

In fact, with an approval rating near eighty percent, George Bush is the ultimate American, a president with military power, a compliant press and high poll numbers. In an America committed to democracy and capitalism, it is expected that Bush should be able to pay for the propaganda that fuels the polls that gives the power to the presidency. And the powerful American president wants war. War will avenge the deaths of Americans. War will employ Americans. War will bring Americans together. War will make heroes of brave Americans. War will allow Americans to live in peace.

George Bush is an appeaser

In fact, Bush’s support of Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinians is worse than the actions of Neville Chamberlain, Hitler’s appeaser. Chamberlain went to Munich and agreed to the German demand for living space. The British Prime Minister sold out the innocent in exchange for what he thought was peace in his time. Chamberlain was wrong and the world suffered the consequences. In the year 2002, George Bush’s acceptance of Israel’s demand for living space is based on America’s desire for war, not peace. Bush is wrong, criminal in his actions and thousands of Palestinians will pay with their lives as Bush commands his soldiers and surrogates to march onward, to Baghdad and beyond.

George Bush is a war criminal

In fact, Bush’s actions are far worse than those allegedly committed by another political leader now being tried for war crimes in the Hague. Slobodan Milosevic is in the dock for alleged crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia. The once proud and powerful nation of Yugoslavia was embroiled in a civil war when Milosevic used his authority to suppress a violent rebellion, a rebellion during which many people believed that Slobodan Milosevic was fighting terrorists supported by the government of the United States. The American president, ostensibly reacting to the horrible crimes committed on 11 September 2001, has turned loose the military might of America against enemies identified as terrorists. He has claimed the entire world as his battlefield and young American soldiers in many countries around the world are killing ‘terrorists’, regardless of innocence or guilt. No human or moral law stands in his way; Bush’s personal judgement is all that is necessary to commit the troops. The United States military is just a very large and well-equipped hit squad and George Bush is the assassin-in-chief.

George Bush is a war profiteer

In fact, the American president is following an old script. Instead of acting in the interest of justice, he is profiting from injustices perpetrated against the innocent. The war profiteers of America are earning their blood money at the beginning of the 21st century, just as they did during the previous two centuries of Manifest Destiny. Money was made when the original Americans were driven from their tribal lands, cash was king in the Banana Republics and, when the Vietnam War finally ended, the military-industrial establishment created by the Pentagon was the only winner. Aiding and abetting the killing of innocents is a war crime, and the president is certainly assisting the merchants of death as they produce the means to end millions of lives. George Bush undoubtedly shares the jubilation now being experienced in the boardrooms of arms dealers and manufacturers and, if all goes well during the endless war, there will come a day when he shares in the profits.

George Bush is a terrorist

In fact, the American president surpasses all other current terrorists in the killing of innocents. Small-time terrorists kill hundreds of people, organized and committed terrorists kill thousands and American presidential terrorists have killed millions. Small-time terrorist: Timothy McVeigh, a veteran of the United States military who turned his training, war experience and bomb-laden rental truck against his own people. Organized and committed terrorists: Osama bin Laden’s foot soldiers, a group of young men who had to use hijacked airplanes to attack America. Presidential terrorists: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II. The presidential arsenal includes conventional weapons, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons and political weapons. American presidents have used one, two or all of these weapons when fighting wars in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

George Bush is an evildoer

In fact, his actions have already caused the unnecessary deaths of many innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, the Occupied ‘Territories’, Macedonia and Colombia. The president’s men are planning further assaults against the poor and the weak, and new targets are being identified every day. George Bush presides over a weapons factory, known world-wide as the United States of America, and his leadership has permitted other evil men and women to place a bulls-eye on the backs of small children and infants. There are now billions of little targets attached to the bodies of babies. Someday, the survivors of Bush War II will strap a different and deadlier object around their waists and, without needing trucks, planes or training, kill innocent Americans. An eye for an eye and, boom-boom, out go the lights. Evil.

George Bush is an appeaser, a war criminal, a war profiteer, a terrorist and an evildoer.

George Bush is an American.

James T.Phillips

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