Hijacking America

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If you want to hijack an airplane, you have to catch the passengers off guard. When you show your hand, you must be in a position to overpower them by force or entice them to cooperate.

On Sept. 11, 2001, skyjackers took three planes by surprise. However, by the time a fourth plane, United Airlines flight 93, was on its way to its intended target, the passengers aboard were well aware of what was about to happen. Todd Beamer and a few other brave souls aboard that plane foiled that plan.

Next week, at Earth Summit II in Johannesburg, South Africa, plans will have been made to hijack the world and bring it under the control of the United Nations. However, President George W. Bush, taking a cue from these 9-11 heroes, is trying to steer the United States out of the way in a last-ditch attempt to head off this impending disaster.

The weapon used by these global hijackers is not new. It is called "sustainable development." Ten years ago, when it was first unveiled in Rio de Janeiro, at the first Earth Summit, it seemed harmless enough. In fact, this weapon has been carried by thousands of U.S. citizens, who have brandished it about in their neighborhoods, completely unaware of the lethal effect it has on the freedoms they now take for granted.

The Koran of sustainable development is Agenda 21, a 40-chapter action plan, developed by the haters of capitalism and adopted at Rio to create a world in perfect harmony with nature. Few people have read it. That is why the definition of sustainable development often changes.

Hundreds of multi-national corporations have been persuaded to carry water for sustainable development, which is presented as a concept too big and too important to be stopped. "Come along. Get in our boat or you will be swept away by this rising tide."

To these businessmen, sustainable development has been presented as a way to maintain or kick-start economic growth around the globe without irreparably harming the environment. To the peace loving, it is a way to minimize the differences between the rich and the poor, which create tensions and unrest. To the tender hearted, it is presented as a way to fight poverty and killer diseases like AIDS, while providing clear water and sanitation to billions of people in the developing world.

In June, in Bali at the U.N. pre-conference, the rallying cry was "What are we going to do about the United States?" It was printed on T-shirts. It was the question asked by Chair Emil Salim of Indonesia. It was a question asked by delegates from Third World and socialist countries who are poised to carry off more evil capitalist loot. It was a question on the lips of radical environmentalists from around the globe who want to rid the world of factories and automobiles.

Bush, as the leader of not only the richest but most generous country on this planet, didn't budge. He refused to sign binding international agreements that would further cede away our sovereignty. He would not agree to a mechanism to give the U.N. the ability to tax us, thereby making this aggressive world body self-sufficient.

However, Bush is sending Secretary of State Colin Powell to Johannesburg with an extended but firm hand. Like Todd Beamer, Bush has glimpsed the intended target of these global hijackers and he is determined that we won't go there. Instead, he will tie development aid to democratic and market-oriented reforms by the recipient nations. What a concept!

Bush can keep more of our freedom from being hijacked at this conference. However, he can't prevent our country from being hijacked from within without a lot of help from you and me.

In 1993, his predecessor, Bill Clinton, began implementing Agenda 21 by Executive Order. Congress not only permitted it; Congress adopted legislation that moved us closer to compliance. The Community Character Act provided the seed money to move us toward "sustainable communities" in order to fight a newly created enemy "urban sprawl."

That is how the globalists plan to hijack your community. That is how they are manipulating us into bringing more and more of our private property under government control until, eventually, we all are herded into high-rise buildings, in order to leave the earth free for the animals to roam.

Don't take my word for it. Read Agenda 21 for yourself. If you currently are carrying water for this movement, stop! Attend a town council or county commission meeting and begin fighting this "smart growth" legislation before it is too late. In the words of Todd Beamer, "Let's roll!"

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