Car runs over Italian president's wife in Rome

The wife of Italy's president was hit by a car as she crossed a street outside the presidential palace Thursday evening, injuring a leg and an arm, the presidential palace said.

Clio Napolitano, wife of President Giorgio Napolitano, was crossing in a pedestrian crosswalk near the Quirinal Palace when she was hit by a Fiat Panda heading toward a nearby square, the palace said in a statement.

She was in good condition at a military hospital, the statement said. X-rays showed the humerus bone in her right arm was injured, as was the tibia bone in her left leg, the statement said.

The palace did not say if the bones were broken or bruised. SKY TG24 said she had suffered fractures and would have surgery Friday, but the Italian news agency ANSA said no surgery was planned. ANSA said more tests would be done on Friday.

A traffic police officer had stopped traffic in both directions as she was crossing when the car went through the crosswalk, the palace said.

The Italian news agency ANSA, citing Rome traffic police, said two elderly people were in the Fiat.