Turkish fire-eating entertainer sentenced to 15 years in prison for girl's death

A Turkish prosecutor accused two men of causing the death of a British girl and asked a court to sentence them up to 15 years in prison.

The prosecutor accused a fire-eating entertainer and a hotel director in the death of six-year-old Eden Galvani, who was burned to death at a Turkish resort, lawyer Abdulvahit Kaya, representing the girl's family, said after Thursday's trial.

Galvani was killed last August in an explosion during a fire eating show in the Aegean resort town of Didim. Six others were injured.

The accident happened as entertainer Tahir Akalin was fire-eating and Galvani died of burns. He was arrested shortly after the incident. The hotel's director, Kamil Koyunlu, was tried in absentia as he has been on the run since the incident, Kaya said.

The court adjourned the trial until Sept. 25.