Car strikes in rushing water in Oklahoma City

Teenage sisters were rescued Tuesday from a car stalled in bumper-deep water rushing over a flooded road in a residential area of Oklahoma City.

Streams overflowed in many parts of Oklahoma, blocking roads and flooding several homes and businesses.

Television news video showed a firefighter in an inflatable raft rescuing the two 16-year-olds from the car, pulling them one at a time through an opened window.

Twins Lauren and Lindsey Penn were both in good condition, said Fire Department spokesman Tony Young.

The road runs along a berm that acts as a small dam on Ski Island Lake, a reservoir in an upscale residential area. Young said a sign on the road marks it as a "low-water bridge" and said that six weeks ago firefighters had to perform another rescue in the area.

About an inch (2.54 centimeter) of rain had fallen in the Oklahoma City area over the previous 24 hours, while other locations of the state had received several inches of rain. Rain has fallen daily in the area for the last two weeks.

Earlier Tuesday, flooding in Texas closed streets and damaged houses and other structures in the Austin area.

The wet, stormy weather also was a factor Monday when three women were killed when the sport utility vehicle they were in slammed into a dump truck, officials said.

Sustained rainfall over the last month has saturated the ground and parts of northern, central and eastern Texas are at high risks of flash flooding, according to the state's emergency operations center.